Peeps You Should Hire

Being part of this wonderful industry for so many years has given me the absolute pleasure of working with some awesome people in the industry.


I won’t use language like ‘they are the best in the business’, or ‘cream of the crop’ blah blah, I think that isn’t correct, there are many amazing vendors that I’ve never had the pleasure of working with. HOWEVER, these people, I would spend my hard-earned money on because:

          • They are talented at what they do
          • Strong work ethic
          • Will work WITH you, not against you
          • Open + honest
          • High integrity
          • Hold the same values as I do

Please, take your time, look through their amazing work, talk to them, and make sure they are the right fit for you. Even though I think they are amazing, you might not vibe with them, and that is ok too! But, I can’t see how that could be possible xx